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bl00dyvalentine's Journal

I make my own destiny
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Creator and moderator of cutthroat_kiss/fob_meetup/fobticketfind/patd

Member of
Team Fred
Team Tom
Team Sal Bossio
Team Ryan
Team Envy
Team Dump Your Fucking Girlfriend
Team Your Tongue Down My Throat
Team Jack Marin Followers Massacre
Team Jack Marin Burns in Hell
Team I Only Give In, In My Sleep
Team Miscarriage


I'm a member of the Fall Out Boy fanlisting.
I'm a member of the Kill Hannah fanlisting.
I'm Fueled By Ramen!
I'm a member of the AFI fanlisting.
I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.
I'm a fan of Kurt Halsey.
The CrimsonMest:self titledSpeak wasn't too badTTTYG FanDeja Entendu fanLife in Dreaming
Join the Yule Shoot Your Eye Out FanlistingI <3 Hidden in Plain View&apos;s EPThe SicksYes I like the self titled CD!Back when Will was still in the band....Party Monster musicIn Love and DeathBackstage passes are neatI <3 concertsHidden tracks are funLyrics
A-F recordsVictory Records loverAuthority Zero fanBleeding Through

The current mood of GumdropAZ@aol.com at www.imood.com

{Fanlistings continued}
TV Shows and actors
M&MThe Pilot Episode
I love Roswell! Home Improvement was the best thing everJason Behr Fan I miss Pete and PeteI'm an Ally McBeal Fan. Are you?
The Best Week Ever doesn't suck. Kyle and I both love Boy Meets World.
Do you remember Breaker High too?
This consumed most of my childhood One of the last good seasons Buffy fan Season 3 fan! I miss Eerie Indiana YESSS! Dance your cares away! Full House Fan!
I loved Glory Days.
Higher Ground was good programming.
Baby from the 80s I love the 80&apos;s STRIKES BACK Legends of the Hidden Temple MST3K pride! The Nanny Fan!
Pop Up Video
I loved the Pink Ranger the best.
No whammies!
Bob Barker is god
Motherfucking Roundhouse!
Old school Saved By the Bell I <3 Sex and the City season two.
I used to watch USA High.
The Wonder Years
My favorite was Zoe.
I <3 the Virgin Suicides I heart Bruce Campbell Ash and I have the same name! woo! Evil Dead Trilogy Fan I love you Mr. Cusack

{Miscellanous stuff}
VoteI&apos;m proud to be this wayI love you internet explorerI&apos;m a font whore:DPlaylists are loveAd-aware saved my assAIMGuestmap
Remote control loveI hate page errorsI hate furAnimal abuse is meanWaking up isn&apos;t funHypocrites are idiotsI don&apos;t touch this shitDrugs are for sluts and losersFuck the Patriot ActReality TV is braintrashI hate vegetablesShiri fanBullying isn&apos;t cool
Stupid video for a bad coverAnti-CatholicismFuck NazisA+F sucksFuck organized religionAnime sucksFlaming sucksSwimming is fun!People suckI heart pinkHappiness makes the world go roundSerenityJoining fanlistings is addictingDriving is cathartic

Jordan the Rufio merch boy @ claimamerchboy
Hedwig and the Angry Inch @ claim
Cyrus Bolooki flavored cock @ cocksicle
Lloyd's Boombox and Lloyd and Diane's first kiss @ cusack_claims
Throwdown, Hidden in Plain View, Arma Angelus and June @ ____band_claim
Pete Wentz's laugh @ claim_a_laugh
Viscous and perineum @ _claim_a_word_
Diane Cort, Lloyd and Diane's relationship, Lloyd Dobbler, Ross and Rachel's relationship, Buffy and Angel's relationship and The Nanny @ claim_tv

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